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Piano Tuning Rates and Special Offers
It's not expensive to look after your piano and it makes sense to tune it on a regular basis - a well tuned piano will last you longer and give you greater pleasure. Whether the piano needs to be brought back to concert pitch so it can be played with another instrument or you just need that annoying squeaky pedal or sticky key fixed – we can help.

Basic Piano Tuning: $149 (in most cases this flat rate includes other minor adjustments)

Pitch Raise: $45

Action Regulating: upright piano $80; grand piano $120

Hammer Reshaping: $80

Hammer Voicing: $60

Sound Board Cleaning: $60

Estimate Visit (for purchase or sale): $60

Additional Repairs: $80 per hour


  • If your piano requires a big job, including more then one of the services mentioned above, we’ll negotiate the total price with you over the phone or on site.
  • If going to your location requires driving outside of our service area additional mileage charges at $2/mile might apply.
  • Mileage charges can be offset if there is more than one piano that needs to be tuned – if you have friends, family, schools, churches etc. that also need their piano tuned we can travel to your location for reduced or no extra cost.

To Book an Appointment

Simply call 773-405-5550or fill out our Piano Tuning appointment form we'll return your call or email and arrange an appointment to suit your schedule.
Check out our Piano Tuning / Piano Repairs Special Offers!

Schedule in Advance

If you tuned your piano with us and immediately booked another tuning for up to 6 mo ahead, or set up a regular service schedule for the next two years, we will tune your piano next time and each subsequent time for only $125

Recommend a friend

If you recommend us to a friend, who then has their piano tuned with us, we'll provide next time tuning service to your piano for only $125

Tuning Multiple Pianos

If you have 2 or more pianos tuned by our tuner on the same day, price per piano will be $120

Below is an alphabetical list of Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs in our immediate service area. If your town or neghborhood is not on the list, we might still go there for a little extra charge, or you can call us and negotiate your job price over the phone. We’re flexible and understanding.